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  1. Dinnertime Rush

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    by Richmondmom, Kate Semp

    The first week back to school came and went in a whirlwind.  The lazy days of summer were quickly replaced with the fast and furious days of fall.

    But no matter how busy I am it is still incredibly important to me that my family eats healthy, well-balanced meals; even if I don’t have time to cook.   This time of year it’s great to turn to Ukrop’s Family-Sized Entrees, like Manicotti, Spaghetti or Chicken Cobbler, which are ready in 30 minutes.  Toss one in the oven, have the kids help set the table and make the salad, and dinner is ready!

    What I also love about Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods is that I can order them online at Martin’s ( in advance.   It’s great knowing I can place an order for dinner for those days I know I am going to be super busy or as the days get shorter and I have to fit the same amount into fewer hours of light.

    Whether you make your own or pick an entree up (we love a Rotisserie Chicken for a quick meal) there is also a great selection of Ready-to-Heat sides to complete any meal.

  2. Back to School Not Back to Boring

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    Richmondmom, Kate Semp

    A variety of lunch options for Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods

    It’s back to school time! Pull out your trusty backpack, fill it with your new school supplies, grab your lunch and start a new year.  But for me, the lunch packing gets old pretty quick and I’ve got the lunch box blahs! To combat the blahs this year I have decided my kids need to pack their own lunch.  To make sure this endeavor is successful I need to help provide balanced nutritious items for them to pack

    Taking a page from our summer picnics I looked at the variety of offerings from Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods to help maximize my options and save me a little time.

    Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods offers a large selection of precut fruits and vegetables that help make packing a snap.

    White House rolls are a staple.  This is the perfect do it yourself lunch item for kids.  They can pack 1, 2, or 3 little rolls and make a sandwich to order.  My kids don’t like their stuff to get soggy so we precut the rolls and then load all the fillings in a separate container.

    I’m not against a sweet treat and the perfect dessert is Ukrop’s mini cookies.  There are the staples, rainbow, chocolate chip and butter star, but my kids love the chewy ginger cookies! The kids feel are excited to have a treat and I can easily portion control.

    And all of these precut treats and perfect portions make it easy for the kids to help themselves to a healthy afternoon snack.

    Check out local Richmondmom, Cindy Bennett and her shop Monkey Grass Green, for options for waste free green lunch solutions.