Gather Around: Holiday Fun with Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods

Enjoy our delcious Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Cupcakes with Peppermint Candies

The Christmas holidays can create food fun well into the New Year!  Finding creative and clever ways to recycle your leftover treats can lead to fun food projects that the entire family can enjoy!

Peppermint Candy Cupcakes

Each year do you look at broken and crumbled peppermint candy canes and wonder what to do with them?  Try this nifty trick with cupcakes that is easy to set-up and clean-up!


1 six pack of Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods cupcakes with vanilla icing

1 six pack of Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods cupcakes with chocolate icing

1 cup of crumbled peppermint candy canes

Place individual cupcakes on plates.  Have your kids take a teaspoonful of candy crumbles per cupcake.  Add the crumbles to the cupcake icing either by placing them in a pattern such as a monogram, a heart or a circular pattern.  For the more abstract food art fans, sprinkle on the crumbles in a free form design.  Serve for dessert or an afternoon snack!