Ukrop's Homestyle Foods

About Us.

Founded in 2010, Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods is the name for a business born out of the sale of Ukrop’s Super Markets—a family retail grocery store chain in business for 75 years with a long history of providing delicious and nourishing chilled prepared foods and baked goods.

The company’s fresh food journey began nearly forty years ago when the supermarket purchased Dot’s Pastry Shop, a premier Richmond, Virginia bakery, giving its retail customers access to high-quality baked goods. Many of the decades-old recipes are still being used today for famous Decorated Cakes, iconic Rainbow Cookies, and signature Chocolate Fudge Pies, to name just a few.

In the early 1990’s, recognizing the changing needs of its customers, Ukrop’s opened a kitchen and bakery production facility which helped meet the growing demand for fresh and delicious meal solutions. Today, nearly 150 items— White House Rolls, baked goods, sandwiches, and chilled prepared products can be found in thirty states. The company’s brands such as Ukrop’s Homemades, Catering by Ukrop’s, Good Meadow Homemades, White House Rolls, and Mrs. Marshall’s are quickly becoming recognized and trusted names throughout the food industry.