Ukrop's Homestyle Foods

Jim Goodman

Jim Goodman

Executive Pastry Chef

Executive pastry chef Jim Goodman’s passion for pastries began when he was assigned the role of Baker in the Marines. Goodman’s relationship with Ukrop’s began even earlier when he worked as a courtesy clerk at the Staples Mill location while he was in high school. Once he was honorably discharged from the Marines, Goodman returned to work for Ukrop’s as a delivery driver for Dot’s Pastry Shop.

Goodman trained with master baker Bill Dvorak of Dot’s Pastry Shop and with certified Master Pastry Chef Otto Bernet and he’s currently a certified Executive Pastry Chef. He’s also Vice President of the Virginia Chef’s Association, chairman and organizer of the Annual Chocolate Festival and chairman of the Otto Bernet Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Goodman’s obviously got the stats to prove his expertise, but his passion for creating custom cakes is what makes him stand above the rest. He’s won gold and silver medals in national pastry arts competitions; made car-shaped cakes for NASCAR drivers including Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, Jonny Benson and Greg Sacks; decorated the inaugural cake and several birthday cakes for former Governor George Allen; and provided cakes for many other prestigious events. “I like to make things that are a challenge,” Goodman says. Some of the projects he’s tackled include icing cakes to replicate historic Richmond buildings, constructing a groom’s cake in the shape of a regulation-sized basketball and creating an exact replicate of the Jim Beam village in Kentucky from chocolate, sugar and gingerbread.

In his current role, he concentrates on research and development of new product as well as improvements to existing product lines for Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods.