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Delicious Dinner in the Dark

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by Kate Hall,

The nights are getting colder and with Daylight Savings Time in full effect, the darkness descends more quickly. For most busy moms like myself, the nights seem shorter and making a healthy hot dinner can be a challenge.

Especially the nights when I’m shuffling two to gymnastics and dance class with just two hours in-between before the oldest goes to Cub Scouts. . .there’s so little time to prepare anything AND get homework done! That’s why we love Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Bakes & Prepared Sides.

There’s no need to talk my kids into cleaning their plates. . they love a Meatloaf Bake and some Ukrop’s Mac and Cheese after a long day at school and  it gives them just enough energy to make it through until morning, when we get up and start our crazy lunch-packing morning routine. Keeping fruits and veggies already cut and prepared is helpful, too–it ensures a little variety in our meals and saves this mama time. Now if we could just pick up a clone when we were in the supermarket. . .

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