Introducing the Ukrop’s Food Truck

We are excited to introduce Ukrop’s first food truck to the RVA community! Our menu focuses on Slidinis® – White House Roll® sandwiches featuring Ukrop’s classics, elevated with unique ingredients, then grilled to melty perfection. Classic accompaniments of Mrs. Marshall’s Potato Salad, Garden Pasta Salad, and iconic Ukrop’s baked goods complete each meal. We look forward to seeing you in the community!

Upcoming Event Calendar

  • 6/1                 Richmond Kickers Game, City Field (5:30pm – 8:30pm)
  • 7/24              Swim RVA JRAC Championships (exact times TBA)
  • 8/29              U of R Food Truck Festival (exact times TBA)
  • 9/14               Richmond Kickers Game, City Field (5:30pm – 8:30pm)
  • October        TBD
  • November     TBD
  • 12/7               Dominion Energy Christmas Parade (exact time and location TBA)

2019 Menu

Slidinis® – White House Roll® Sliders grilled to perfection ($3 each)

Meatloaf & Triple Mac: Ukrop’s Homestyle Meatloaf, Ukrop’s Triple Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

Chipotle Barbeque: Ukrop’s Pulled Pork Tomato Barbeque, pepper jack cheese, pickled red onions, chipotle mayo

California Chicken: Ukrop’s Blackened Grilled Chicken, pepper jack cheese, fresh tomato, fresh avocado mayo

London Broil Special: Ukrop’s London Broil, sharp cheddar cheese, Ukrop’s “Special Sauce”

Caprese (Vegetarian): Fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto

Sides ($2 each)

Mrs. Marshall’s® Potato Salad, Mrs. Marshall’s® Garden Pasta Salad, Potato Chips

Desserts ($2 each)

Individual Tarts (Chocolate Fudge, Lemon Chess), Bar Cake Slice, Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie (ask for a FREE Rainbow Cookie!)

Beverages ($2 each)

Soda, Water

Kids Grilled Cheese or Ukrop’s Chicken Salad on WHR (cold) available upon request