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Gather Around the Gridiron

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Football season is already underway, and it’s a great time for families to gather around the gridiron.  Watching sports with your family can be an enjoyable experience as you cheer for your favorite teams, learn about historic moments in sports and spend quality time together!  It’s no secret that sports and food go great together, but watching a game doesn’t mean that you have to be on junk-food overload. 

 Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods prepares or makes a variety of great appetizers for small viewing parties with just the family—to big gatherings with friends and neighbors during major events. 

Spice up your routine and add some of our great game-day “starters!” 

  • Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Enjoy a dip that’s a blend of spinach and artichokes combined with cheddar, Monterrey Jack and Parmesan cheeses.  Goes great with fresh pita, pita chips or water crackers; for an added touch serve it in hollowed-out artisan bread.  Chop the bread into cubes and watch it disappear!

  •  Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Buffalo Chicken Dip

Get your chicken fix without messy bones to clean up!  Our great-tasting buffalo chicken dip is made with all white meat chicken, cream cheese, ranch dressing and flavorful spices!  We’ve kicked it up with hot sauce and topped it with cheddar cheese!  Serve with fresh veggies!

  •  Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods 7 Layer Dip

We’ve taken the guess work out with our hearty dip made with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, black olives, shredded cheese and more!  Heat and eat and serve with our salsa and tortilla chips!

 Find these items are your local MARTIN’S store in our convenient pans that can be heated in the oven or the microwave!

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