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  1. Tell Mom you love her with a meal

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    by Kate Willoughby Hall of

    Out of all the precious gifts my children have made me—from the cut-out valentine hearts to the pipe-cleaner flowers—my favorite gifts are the times we’ve spent together in the kitchen.

    One of my most treasured gifts this year, other than my Ukrop's Homestyle foods goodies

    It seems like even though it’s tough to get a meal together for my three little ones sometimes, the part where we get to sit down together and enjoy a few bites and talk about our day is the best reward.

    This past Mother’s Day, as my kids asked me what I wanted, one thing that topped my list was a delicious dinner. One catch: it had to be one that I didn’t have to cook and did not require me going out to a crowded restaurant.

    Two of my favorites from Ukrop’s Homestyle foods are the Ukrop’s Oven Bakes Baked Spaghetti and, of course, their Signature Long Stem Pink Rose Cake. That’s all they brought me, and I was happy as a clam. Happy Mother’s Day to all Richmond moms and grand moms out there, I hope it was relaxing, and delicious!