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  1. Winning with White House Rolls!

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    Winning with White House Rolls!

    A customer favorite for decades, White House Rolls® have provided a unique and tasty base for some of the best sandwiches in town . These rolls were developed in the late 1940s in response to a quest for a perfect yeast roll. They were called White House Rolls because of the dusting of white flour when the rolls were panned—and because they were good enough to serve at The White House! These amazing rolls have become a staple in thousands of households across central Virginia and beyond.  The rolls are so versatile that they can be a part of every meal, from a breakfast bacon, egg and cheese to a lunchtime meal with Chicken Salad or served alongside your favorite meal at dinner.  In addition, White House Rolls also come in both a white and a wheat varieties making them even more enjoyable.  This year, White House Rolls became the official roll of the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K.  A winning combination, each participant to cross the finish line was given their own individual packet of White House Rolls!  Visit and find out how we roll!  Tweet your favorite way to enjoy White House Rolls by using @ukrops #whrolls!

  2. Super Bowl 2011 Party Ideas with Richmond Families

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    by Kate Willoughby Hall,

    We’re excited to celebrate with friends and watch Super Bowl XLV, and to get the kids in the spirit and prepare for our guests we had some fun preparing yummy snacks with Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods found at Martin’s stores. We’re sharing them here with you so you can create your own fun memories; please share your ideas with us, too!

    Fun with Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods cornbread

    Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods Cornbread and Gingerbread shapes: All that’s needed is a cutting board, fun cookie-cutter shapes and some delicious cornbread and/or gingerbread—we tried both. Kids choose their shapes—from footballs to a bunny rabbit—and cut out their own snacks. Voila!

    Cutting shapes with kids is easy with Ukrop’s Gingerbread and Cornbread

    Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods White House Roll individual sandwiches: to make the easiest and yummiest snacks ever, we let the kids choose what they wanted on their rolls. My little kid chose grape jelly, her big brother peanut butter, and our big boy chose cheese slices which we melted by slipping the sandwich onto a baking sheet under the broiler. They loved making their own choices!

    White House Rolls with kids’ favorites

    Ukrop’s Frosted Cupcake decorating: We took the Richmond-famous cupcakes (now known around the country!), undecorated, and made our own little masterpieces. Team colors would be a fun addition, although we chose valentine and pink as our little princess typically gets her own way in this arena.

    Each cupcake is a child’s work of art, starting with a vanilla Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods cupcake

    For decorations, kids can make their own paper football chains and even have a toss game where they “win” small prizes for having the longest throw outside before the big game—have fun with it!