26th Annual Valor Awards

Twenty-seven years ago, the Retail Merchants Association had an idea. What not gather our community together and offer thanks and appreciation to our local enfpresentation-of-coins00003-minorcement by hosting a Valor Awards Breakfast? About 100 people attended at the Hyatt on Broad Street.

How exciting it is that the event has grown significantly since those early days. This year, on November 10, 2016, nearly 1200 local businesses, government officials, community leaders, first responders and their families will be attending he 27th Annual Valor Awards Ceremony at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

It’s a pleasure and an honor for our company to have

had the opportunity to sponsor this breakfast since 1995. For us, it is a must-attend event. We are truly in awe listening to the stories shared and the valor exhibited by these brave and unsung heroes while having the opprecipients-stepandrepeat00044-minortunity to meet their very supportive families.

Thank you first responders for “having our backs” each and every day; we are truly grateful.