Associate Spotlight

Meet Ukrop’s Associate Carmella Cramer!

Like many here, Ukrop’s has been in Carmella’s life for a long time. Starting in 1982, Carmella was a cashier, but not too long after she moved to the bakery, became the bakery manager. The journey of Carmella’s roles at Ukrop’s seem endless. She attributes her success to her ability to learn quickly and grasp the opportunities equally as fast. To attest to these attributes, she became one of Ukrop’s first field representatives for our line of Chilled Prepared Foods. She is proud that during this time she had the opportunity to roll out our first ten items in the chilled prepared food line. Some of these items are still very popular Ukrop’s staples; such as London Broil and Triple Cheese Macaroni and Cheese!

Once we began to expand our food line, Carmella’s role changed to Category Manager where she worked with manufacturing and retail stores. In this role, she focused on new item rollouts, in-store training and programs involving food. Currently, her title resides as Food Service Manager where she acts as the liaison for customers who purchase our products. In addition, she deals with product handling and quality issues that may occur.

Carmella notes many great opportunities working with Ukrop’s that she feels she would not have gotten anywhere else. “It takes a family to do what we do,” Carmella says reflecting on her time at Ukrop’s. Carmella took that literally as both of her children worked at Ukrop’s through high school and college.

Other than being a friendly face to Ukrop’s customers, Carmella shared that her passions lie with family, friends, and gathering! On a relaxing day she would love nothing more than to play with her grandchildren and work in her garden.

What is Carmella’s Favorite Food? Spinach Supreme!