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You’ll find Ukrop’s homemade foods in many aisles and corners of your local grocery store–and, in the case of our White House Rolls and cookies, even online. For decades, our foods have provided valued customers with prepared meals, baked goods, and desserts and cakes made with time-honored recipes.



We make a variety of freshly-prepared foods, available for purchase at grocery stores throughout the Richmond region and central Virginia. Perhaps that’s a full lunch or dinner, or simply a few savory sides to pair with your own home-cooked meal.  You’ll find a host of delicious entrees and family meals, deli salads, sandwiches, rolls and baked goods, pies, cookies and desserts, and seasonal items. And our skilled bakers and cake decorators are on standby to custom-make cakes for special celebrations–and even your wedding day. By the way, our foods contain no added preservatives and are made in a peanut-free bakery and kitchen.

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White House Rolls

The iconic White House Roll is a fluffy, baked morsel of Southern hospitality—and available nationwide. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert: What you put on or in a White House Roll is limited only by your imagination. Learn more about The World’s Most Perfect Roll™.

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Catering by Ukrop’s

Whether you’re feeding a birthday party, business luncheon, or a small army, we can help. Order with us and we’ll whip up perfect-sized sandwich trays, salads, boxed lunches, desserts, and more. Catering is available for curbside pickup or delivery within the metro Richmond area.

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Mrs. Marshall’s

Mrs. Marshall’s has been a Richmond institution since she began making her Southern comfort foods in 1921. Ukrop’s continues her tradition—particularly that famous potato salad and tangy pimento cheese, among the many essential items for school nights, Saturday picnics, or Sunday dinners.

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Good Meadow Homemades

Evoke a sense of tradition in every bite of our foods, made from time-honored, family recipes and the most wholesome ingredients.

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