The Ukrop's Story

"We strive to lead by example and with a single mission: To treat others the way we want to be treated."

It took some prodding, but 22-year-old Joe Ukrop – a meat manager at the A&P supermarket – convinced his father to mortgage the family farm to open Ukrop’s Market on Hull Street in south Richmond. The year was 1937, and the store was the size of a two-car garage.

With the help of sons Jim and Bobby, Joe and his wife, Jacquelin, eventually grew the chain of Ukrop’s Super Markets to 25 locations throughout Central Virginia. Over time, the Ukrop’s name became known for the store’s high standard for customer service, a passion for wholesome foods, and community health and well-being. Ukrop’s Super Market was a special place — every customer visit to the store was an experience.

Officially, the company’s fresh food journey began in 1976 when the market purchas1st kitchen menu-mined Dot’s Pastry Shop, a premier Richmond bakery. The move gave retail customers across the region wider access to high-quality baked goods that are still available today: decorated cakes, pies, and, among other treats, the iconic Rainbow Cookie. White House Rolls made their debut in 1984. And in the early 1990s, Ukrop’s opened a kitchen and bakery production facility to meet the growing demand for high-quality and delicious prepared foods.

In 2010, Ukrop’s retail locations were sold, but the Homestyle Foods business was retained so our kitchen and bakery could continue to provide ready-to-heat and eat meals and sides, baked goods, and desserts to loyal customers in Richmond and beyond.

Today, Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods and our 450 associates make more than 800 freshly-prepared items–and our iconic White House Rolls–for retailers in Virginia and across the nation.

Though we no longer operate our own supermarket locations, we maintain a passion for great customer service, fresh foods, and community well-being — promises that have driven Ukrop’s for the past 80 years. You’ll find that continued promise in Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods.


The Ukrop's Family

We provide a variety of freshly-prepared foods and baked goods, available for purchase at grocery stores throughout the Richmond region and central Virginia.

Just about anything can be enjoyed in a White House Roll (we've come up with 45 different ways). Learn more about the World's Most Perfect Roll.

For feeding big crowds, order perfect-sized party trays, entrees and salads, boxed lunches, desserts, and more. Catering is available for pickup or delivery within the metro Richmond area.

A Richmond institution, Mrs. Marshall’s has been stirring up Southern comfort foods like her famous potato salad and pimento cheese since 1921.

Our founders emigrated to the U.S. from the Slovak village of Dobra Niva (meaning "Good Meadow") and brought with them a tradition of sharing a daily meal.

Meet Our Team

Guided by The Golden Rule of treating others the way they would want to be treated, the Ukrop's Homestyle Foods team is led by food industry leaders who are passionate about our mission to nourish families and positively impact our community.

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Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods nourishes families and communities by providing wholesome foods that inspire them to share, learn and grow.