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Attending VCU, Dee worked toward an Accounting Degree from 1986 -1990.  Changing her major in her senior year, then after marriage and a child, she graduated from Strayer University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Human Resources 2004.

Her Ukrop’s journey began upon graduation from high school in 1986; this was in addition to her job working for her family’s BBQ restaurant.  It was her Aunt Bernice, a decorator for Ukrop’s for 25 years, who encouraged her to consider Ukrop’s—not to mention that a cousin was working at the Carytown store, and they were inseparable.

In fact, the Carytown salad bar was her first position, then on to variety of many positions from office clerk at the kitchen, to accounting clerk, to HR Field Manager, Manager of Human Resources, and now Director, Human Resources.  She loves to teach so she’s puzzled why she began in accounting (other than wanting to follow in her cousins footsteps)!

“Transferring to HR was a blessing,” she says, “ it took care of the ‘teaching itch’ I had and enabled me to work with others through leadership development, coaching and counseling, training, and all that comes with working in the Human Resource area.”

Favorite Pastime: Avoiding drama and living a happy and positive life with family and friends.  Lover of all kinds of music and photography, I can be home all week and never turn on the TV, but I have to have my music.

Favorite Quote: “Your integrity is all you may have one day, so always live life honestly, always be helpful to others and build positive relationships” – me to my son his entire life

Why Ukrop’s:  I love the associates and all the relationships I’ve built over the years.  The opportunities that have been given to me have enabled me to grow as an adult, instilled me with great values that are parallel to what I learned from my parents, and have helped develop my skills in work and leadership.  Working here just feels like home.

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