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Born in Florida, Shannon received a Business & Computer Science degree from the University of Central Florida while working in the banking industry.  Shortly after graduating, Shannon earned her MBA from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.   While completing her MBA, she began her career in the manufacturing industry working as a Business Analyst for Alcoa Fujikura.

In 2001, Shannon moved to Richmond as her husband, Rob, accepted a new position.  She continued to work for Alcoa until she stumbled upon a Ukrop’s grocery store.  She was amazed how happy the employees seemed and decided to check out possible job opportunities.  In November 2002 her career with Ukrop’s began, and over her 20 years with the company, she has held positions in Finance and Information Technology.

In her current role as a Director of Technology & Systems for Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods, she supervises the Order Center and Information Technology departments. Her goal is to use technology to enhance the customer and consumer experience as well as streamlining production in the kitchen and bakery.

Favorite Pastime/Hobby:  Time with family at the beach.

Favorite Quote: “It is always easier to decide in favor of the short term, the convenient, and the simplest to execute, but the long term, less convenient, and toughest to execute will give you better understanding, strength, and wisdom for the future.” – Jack Cline (Shannon’s Father)

Why Ukrop’s?  Knowing that the people you work with are like family and support each other during the best and worst of times.

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